Marta Casals Translations


Marta Casals Translations is your gateway to professional translation services

Translation is the process of translating words from one language into another. The new translated document has to sound natural, convey the full message and correspond to the cultural perceptions and customs of the target audience. Great translations are produced by real people, not computers. Before translating or proofreading any document I read the document to fully understand the message and to find the writing style best suited for the target audience, I take each task as a whole and I never overlook the details. Providing your customers with well written content they can read in their mother tongues can benefit your more than you can imagine.

I provide professional translation and localisation services from English, Spanish or Catalan to any of my two native languages: Spanish and Catalan. I also offer content writing, transcription and proofreading services in my two mother tongues.

I help businesses reach to their potential targets seamlessly: good and accurate translations are the key to your business success.

Here are my translation rules: proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, accuracy, adapting the text for the targeted audience and delivering everything on time. I will do every translation accordingly to the target audience and technical field and I will proofread the document until I am sure it is perfect.