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About me



I am a freelance translator, proofreader and localization specialist with excellent writing skills, pragmatic, reliable, enthusiastic, hardworking and I am very motivated. I love doing what I do. I grew up in Spain, in Catalonia. I have been working as a native Spanish and Catalan translator since 2009. I have successfully completed thousands of projects for multiple clients and translations agencies around the globe.

In 2005 I earned a bachelor’s degree in History graduating from the UB (Additional subjects as open credits: Writing technics & Introduction to General Linguistics). Just after obtaining my bachelor’s degree I moved to England first and to Ireland later on.

In 2009, after several years living in English speaking countries, I obtained the proficiency level in English (UCC). I had been always eager to learn more and in 2013 I have obtained a MD of Arts, Literature and Contemporary Culture. I have also attended conferences, seminars and workshops to enhance my translation skills. Some of them are:

2011: “Legal Terminology: Commercial Law Terminology”. Better understanding of legal documents.

2012:  “Introduction to Medical Terminology: Brain and nervous system, respiratory system, sensory system”. Broad knowledge of English medical terminology.

2015: “The Language of Contracts: Reading and Understanding Contracts. Clauses and terminology found in legal contracts”. Archaic terms (hereinafter, therein). Organization of a contract.

2015: “Scientific, technical and medical translations basics”. Practical advice about translating scientific papers, medical terminology and technical manuals.

2015: “Translating for food industry: General overview”. General overview of the food industry, focusing on projects, documents and organizations where the services of translators are in a constant demand.

2016: “International trade for translators and interpreters”. International trade, as part of the business and financial translation. Incoterms.

2016: “SDL Translation Technology Insights”: SDL Trados Studio

In 2009 I started translating from English to Spanish for different companies and translation agencies, while I was still working as a full time manager in Ireland. Writing and languages had always been my biggest passion. But combining a demanding full time job with my translation career was becoming increasingly difficult. In 2011 I decided to become a full time freelance translator. Now with more than 7 years in the translation industry I am so happy with my decision. I have successfully completed thousands of projects for multiple clients and translation agencies around the globe.

I am currently living in Czech Republic. When I am not behind my computer in Prague you can find me under an umbrella in Ireland or enjoying the Spanish sunshine. That’s the great thing about being a freelance translator; I can take my office wherever I go.