Marta Casals Translations


My core service is translating English documents into Spanish and Catalan. I also provide proofreading and localization services.

Throughout my career I’ve worked for many internationally distinguished companies, as well as small business and individual clients. I have worked in many different fields with different degrees of specialization. My aim is to build long term business relations, but I am always happy to accept new clients. I will study each project separately and I will deliver the translation to the highest standards. Some of my clients are: QuizUp, Wamba, Colebrand International, Expedia, OneSync, Genie and the geek, Quora, TourBar, Buzzfeed, Tripadvisor, Social Code, Infocus Asia, KLIMEX Medical Limited, Krav Maga Global Ltd, Empire Electronics LTD, Uniliver, Le dîner en blanc International Inc. & Next generation books between many others.  In addition, I collaborate regularly with some Spanish and International translation agencies.

Thanks to my vast experience, I do professional translations of (almost) all types of documents.

What type of documents can I translate, localize or proofread for you?

  • General texts
  • Business, financial and legal documents
  • Travel and tourism materials
  • Technical documents: instruction manuals, user guides, handbooks, products descriptions, health and safety documents & training materials
  • Sports & fitness documents
  • Medical and pharmaceutical documents
  • Subtitles
  • Literary works
  • Apps and games
  • CV
  • Culture, humanities and art texts
  • Marketing and advertising materials
  • IT, software, Internet & e-commerce documents
  • Websites

For reasons of confidentiality I don’t publish samples on my web. All the data and documents of clients and potential clients are kept confidentially. I will never disclose them to third parties without prior consent. If you need a Confidentiality Agreement I will have no problem signing it.

Also if you request some translation samples in a specific field take into consideration that some translations are subject to confidentiality agreements or I don’t have the client consent.