Marta Casals Translations

Why hire me?

1- Experience: “The only source of knowledge is experience” said Albert Einstein. With more than 3 million words translated from English to Spanish or Catalan, I am confident I will deliver any translation to the highest standards.

2- Proficiency in English: For a good translation a perfect understanding of the source language is essential. In my proofreading career I encountered many translations made for professionals with a BA or a PhD in translation full of mistakes. How is it possible? Because they don’t have a full understanding of the source language, the linguistic and cultural elements. I obtained the proficiency in English after many years living in English speaking countries; therefore I know the English slang, proverbs, metaphors…

3- Perfect Spanish and Catalan grammar and orthography: If the source language is important the target language is even more important. That’s why I only translate to my native languages: Spanish and Catalan (with very few exceptions). Yes two mother tongues! My studies were conducted in Spanish and Catalan ensuring the perfect grammar and orthography in both languages.

4- The Spanish spoken in Spain is the most neutral version of Spanish. The RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) defines the Spanish without idioms and regional mannerism the standard or neutral Spanish, and for them this should be the correct language used in any formal writing. There will be over 20 versions if we would not use neutral Spanish. That’s why multinational companies use neutral Spanish to translated manuals, websites, software…

5- Professionalism.

6- Top quality services at affordable prices.

7- My motto is:A happy client is the best business strategy” , that’s why I proofread each document until I am sure it’s perfect.


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